How can I sell my car without a title in Chicago?


Wanting to sell a car without a title may seem a hard endeavor that not many are willing to take on.

Just thinking about it might cause many a headache.

Although selling without a title is out of the ordinary, it is not impossible.

Whether the title has been misplaced or stolen, you have nothing to worry about.

No matter the state you live in, all of them offer options for owners to request a duplicate title when the original one has been stolen and lost.

Also, in some states it is possible to sell to a private owner even without a title.

Depending on how you plan to get rid of the car, you may not even need the title.

For example, most junk car buyers accept cars without a title as long as you can prove by other means that you are the actual owner of the vehicle you’re trying to sell.

What is a car title?

A car title is a kind of legal document; they are used to prove ownership of any kind of motor vehicle, from a car and truck to RVs, motorcycles, boats, etc.

It may also be referred to as a “pink slip” in some states.

Whenever someone buys a car, they get the title to that vehicle from their state’s DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles).

And when you sell a vehicle, the title has to be transferred to the new owner.

Different kinds of titles are assigned to cars depending on their condition.

This is done with the intention of informing potential buyers of the state in which the car is or has been.

For example, a clean title is given to cars in good condition and that have never been damaged in a severe way.

Salvage titles, on the other hand, refer to cars that have been severely damaged and for which reparation is not considered worth it.

And reconstructed or rebuilt titles are used for cars that were rebuilt after being deemed totaled after an accident.

Why is it important to have a car title before selling a car?

The car title is necessary to prove that you are the rightful owner and that the car was not stolen.

It is also used to legally transfer ownership.

If you don’t legally transfer the ownership of the car to the new owner, you may still be held liable for anything that happens to it.

So the title will allow you to have a legal transaction and will help you be completely free of responsibility for the vehicle you want to sell.

Is it possible to sell a car without a title?

Whenever you sell a used car, the title is required to prove that you own the vehicle and that you actually have the right to sell it.

The title is also necessary in the process because you’ll need it to transfer ownership to the buyer.

Thus, it is ensured that all car sales and purchases are completely legal and that stolen cars are not traded.

Transferring the title to the new owner will also prevent you from being held liable for a car you don’t even own anymore.

Any licensed dealer or private owner will ask you to present the title of the vehicle when selling to them.

Although some states allow selling to a private party without a title, but these instances are rare.

If you don’t have the title, you can still turn to some junk car buyers; some accept vehicles without titles if you can prove otherwise that you own it.

No matter where you live, there are many alternatives for selling a car without a title.

Selling a car without a title

First, you need to identify why you don’t have the title in order to know how to proceed.

If the car title was misplaced or stolen, you can request a duplicate title.

This and other options are available and will be necessary when selling to a private party.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of filing for a lost title, you can look for a junk car buyer that purchases cars without titles.

Many of them accept these terms while still asking for other means to prove ownership.

If the title of your vehicle was taken by the bank because you took out a car loan, then you’ll need to ask them directly how to transfer the title to the new owner.

In this type of cases, the title usually remains with the bank until the car is free of debt.

How to get a duplicate title or file for a lost car title

Each state has its own rules and procedures to file for lost car titles or getting a duplicate.

To know the steps in detail for your specific state, you’ll need to go to the DMV’s office and ask for more information.

Some states have a quite simple process that will allow you to just fill out one or two forms and send them along with a payment.

Other states don’t even have titles before a certain year, in which case you’ll need to first find out if the title exists and then fill out a form for a new car title.

Other states require that at least one of the current owner remains in the title and that the car fulfills certain requirements.

The person who needs to apply for the new title (i.e. the owner or the buyer) may also vary from state to state.

Knowing who currently has your car title might also be an obstacle to getting a new one in some states.

These differences in state laws make it necessary to pay the DMV office a visit before carrying on with your car sale.

How to sell a junk car without a title

As mentioned before, when you don’t have a title to the car you want to sell, there are other alternatives you can use to remove the car from your home or company.

However, the alternatives may vary greatly from state to state and you will need to consult with your local DMV before selling the vehicle.

First, you need to find a potential buyer and ask them if they can purchase cars without a title, as well as what the procedure is for this situation.

Once they provide the steps, you only need to follow them.

If they don’t have a procedure for purchasing cars without a title, then you’ll need to move on to the next potential buyer until one of them accepts the car.

Keep in mind that even if it is possible to sell a car without a title, you will still need to prove ownership by other means; many junk car buyers take the registration number or the license plate as proof of ownership.

Selling a car without a title in Illinois

A great option in the state of Illinois is Aga Auto Inc. junk car buyers; we purchase cars without a title, as long as ownership can be proved with the car’s registration number or the license plate number.

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