Best way to sell a car that is not running or working in Chicago


Selling a car in Chicago might sound complicated and time-consuming, especially when the car is not even running anymore.

Many would go as far considering a junk car.

Some people don’t even bother putting up a sign or an ad on the newspaper because they believe no one will see value in their junk car and, therefore, no one would want to pay money for it.

If you live in the Chicago area and you have a junk car in your home or company that’s not running and would like to sell it, there are many options for you; some of which won’t even be as tedious or exhausting as you might think.

There are options for all needs and availability; all you need to do is choose the most convenient one for you and your non-running junk car.

Sell your car exactly as it is

Selling your car as it is would be a great choice for those who don’t want to spend more money on repair.

You can do this by posting an ad on a newspaper, a website, a swap page online, or any other platform you can think of.

Just remember to give a full disclosure about the condition of the car; mention that it is not running, as well as any other damage or missing parts.

Your usual go-to mechanic or any other car expert can always help you make an initial evaluation of the car and suggest a starting price.

The downside of this option is that the car might not sell right away or that you might get a lot of low offers from people looking to make more profit from it.

Selling the car for parts

This option is for owners of junk cars with big mechanical issues; all you need to do is disassemble the vehicle. Anyone who owns a car knows that buying new parts is expensive, especially if you go directly to a car dealer.

This option will give you the chance to sell the working parts of the car to people who need them for their own car.

There are many websites in which you can advertise the parts you want to sell in order to allow potential buyers to find you.

Some of the parts you can take out and sell yourself are the steering wheel, the mirrors, the cluster, the sound system, the wheels, the lights, the center console, and more.

You’d mainly be selling parts that don’t require you to be a mechanical expert and that you can easily take out with a few basic tools.

Car owners with more experience and mechanical knowledge can sell other parts as well.

It’s always important to be honest about the condition of each piece you’re selling.

As long as the piece is expensive when new, you have a great chance at selling it separately.

Sell your non-running car to a junkyard

Once you’ve sold all the spare parts you managed to, the next step can be selling the rest of the car to a junkyard in Chicago.

Selling the parts and then the rest of the car can be great for people looking to maximize the profit out of their non-running car.

Most junk yards offer free towing as well as cash for cars. Some dealerships also buy cars this way.

Make sure to mention the parts that are no longer in the car when you get your quote.

For many junkyards and dealerships, cars with the original catalytic converter are more valuable, so you might want to consider keeping that when you sell the other parts.

Make sure you verify if it really is the original before making the call.

Take the car to the scrapyard

Scrapyards are usually one of the last choices for selling non-running cars.

Scrapping the car means the car will be bought and paid for its weight rather than the functioning parts.

This choice is great for people trying to sell a non-running truck or an SUV as they are bigger and heavier.

You should do this after selling as many parts as you can; scrapyards will only weight the car, they won’t even look at the parts that are left of it.

Do take into account that most scrapyards in Chicago will not pick up the car themselves, you’ll need to take it to where they are.

Repair the non-running cars

Running cars get higher offers, but this choice is not the most convenient in many cases.

Non-running cars can be very expensive to repair, often exceeding the value of the car or the profit you can get from it once it’s been repaired.

Before considering this option, make a realistic comparison of the repair expenses and how much you could actually get for the car afterwards.

Only do this if there is a real chance of getting an additional profit.

Donate your non-running car

This option will obviously not generate a huge profit for you right away, but once you do this, it is possible to deduct the car’s value from your taxes.

The extra cash will come to you at a later time, but the car will be out of your home or company soon enough.

Sell the car to a car dealer

Not many car dealers will go for non-running cars, but the cost of repair is not that high and the car is still in a good overall condition, they might consider it worth buying.

How much can you expect for a non-running car in Chicago?

Offers vary from car to car as many factors are taken into account.

To begin with, you have to consider how new the car is or how good its overall condition is.

Cars with a lot of working parts can get higher quotes. It also depends on which part is causing the car not to run; this can make a huge difference in the price you can get.

Offers will vary, but you can always knock on a lot of doors and make a lot of calls looking for the best offer possible.

Some buyers will be available online and others by phone, all you’ll need to do is provide them essential information about the car’s condition for them to give you a fair quote.

Some buyers will request photos to help them determine the price of the vehicle.

What is the process of selling a non-running car?

For most of the options, the process will be fairly similar.

You’ll need to contact the buyer or company via email or phone, and provide the necessary details about the vehicle.

Then, they’ll look at the information and give you a quote.

As mentioned before, you don’t have to sell the car to the first buyer that offers a quote.

You can contact many prospective buyers to see what the best option for you is.

Do ask if they offer towing; otherwise, you’ll need to pay for it yourself and that’ll make your profit slightly smaller.

You should also make sure that any sale follows state laws and is accompanied by all the due documentation.

Keep in mind that not signing the due documentation might mean that you can still be held liable for the car.

Also ask when the cash will be paid; in some occasions, you will be paid right away while other times you’ll need to wait a few days for a check or to pick up the money somewhere in town.

No matter your choice, always make sure you understand exactly how the transaction will go.

Selling a non-running car in Chicago

Always be realistic about the price you can get for your car and don’t take anything less that its value.

You can ask for advice from a mechanic or a dealer you trust; this will give you a fair idea of how much you can get and what option is best for you.

Before deciding, take into account what you want to get out of the sale: do you want the car gone right away or do you prefer to wait and get more money for it?

These questions will be definitive in the process of selling your non-running car in Chicago; some options can get you more cash but will ultimately take more time, while others are less time-consuming but won’t get you top cash.

Also pay attention to the requirements of each prospective buyer; all car sales should be within state laws.

Also make sure to check the process you’ll need to follow to cancel the car insurance.

Now all that’s left to do is decide which option works best for it and sell your non-running car!

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